Energy Drinks: Risks and Alternatives

There’s no need to buy traditional energy drinks at your supermarket or convenience store as these drinks tend to be very bad for you. The majority of drinks including Rockstar, Red Bull, Red Rain and NoS all have harmful chemicals and lots of sugar in them. If you really want a kick to jump start your day, we suggest going the alternative organic route and exercising daily.

One of the best ways you can dramatically increase your energy levels is to help stimulate a positive energy flow in your body. How do you do this? First, begin breathing deeply in and out and as your breaths get deeper, begin to slow your inhale and your exhale. Also, as you are doing this stretch your body out on the floor until all your muscles are relaxed and then sit up with a straight, comfortable posture and continue the breathing. This will give you an instant boost of energy after doing this for 5-10 minutes straight and there will be no crash like your run-of-the mill energy drink.

Another great way is to exercise daily, studies have shown that running, skipping or jumping just 10 minutes a day regularly can greatly improve your heart strength and blood circulation. Also, yoga and lifting weights on a regular basis can help tremendously in increasing your daily energy levels. Furthermore, you can try tai-chi to help give your body a positive energy movement and to learn more about your body’s natural energy flow.

Lastly, eating fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water (at least 8 cups per day) will help you gain increased energy throughout your day. Be sure to practice all these methods and you’ll feel faster, better and stronger everyday. And we forgot to mention the best side effect that occurs once the endorphins in your system rise due to exercise, deep breathing and proper diet… you’ll be happy and smiling everyday! Try it out and let us know your results.

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