Weight Loss Surgery for Diabetics and Overweight Individuals

Weight Loss for Diabetics

Weight loss surgery is considered the last resort for most seriously obese people, it is only considered after other treatments and approaches have failed. There are now new advanced procedures that use safer techniques, bariatric surgery is more frequently viewed as the best solution by an increasing number of patients who are significantly overweight.

The following are some of the innovate new procedures that health experts believe will lead to great changes in the way obesity and type 2 diabetes are treated.

A variety of endoscopic methods, also called natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery, are among these new surgical approaches. To minimize the need for incisions, which leave scars and require a longer recovery period, natural openings in the body are accessed in this type of technique.

Clinical trials are underway for a number of procedures awaiting FDA approval. Of these, the three that are viewed as especially safe and effective are POSE, EndoBarrier TOGA. The FDA has approved the StomaphyX and ROSE for gastric bypass revision.

POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal) is done with a specially made type of endoscopic surgery tools known as the EndoSurgical Operating System (EOS), along with a flexible endoscope that allows surgeons to visualize the part of the stomach they are operating on. This system is also used for the ROSE (Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal) procedure, which involves revising previous gastric bypass procedures for patients who have experienced significant weight gain. Clinical trials are currently underway to evaluate the effectiveness of POSE.

The EndoBarrier is a form of non-surgical therapy that is being used to treat obesity as well as a related disease, type 2 diabetes. The EndoBarrier is a liner for the intestines that is used to create a barrier between food that is consumed and the area of the small intestine where digestion takes place. This barrier is inserted into the stomach through the mouth (endoscopically), and requires no surgical incisions. It also can be removed after a six-month waiting period, and it doesn’t involve any changes to the patient’s anatomy. Currently in clinical trials in the U.S., the EndoBarrier is showing positive results comparable to the kind of success that is generally found with gastric bypass surgery. In December 2009, the EndoBarrier was given the European CE approval for use in Europe.

TOGA, or transoral gastroplasty, was developed by Satiety, Inc., as a treatment option which uses no incisions. In the TOGA procedure, surgeons create a sleeve in the stomach, which produces the same type of results found in other weight loss procedures, namely reducing the amount of food that a patient can eat, and giving the patient a feeling of fullness after eating only a small amount. This treatment involves inserting, through the mouth, specially made medical instruments – flexible staplers – that are used to staple the stomach. To date, studies done on the TOGA procedure have shown very positive outcomes.

All of these innovative procedures and treatments give obese patients more, and safer, options in bariatric surgery. As well, they have the potential to be able to help those patients who don’t meet the patient criteria for bariatric surgery (including gastric bypass surgery and laparoscopic adjustable gastric binding).

With obesity and related medical problems becoming an epidemic in the U.S., it is encouraging to see the emergence of new bariatric treatments in the medical field designed to improve the overall health, quality of life, and longevity of people who suffer from morbid obesity and diabetes.

The Overlooked Benefits of Cinnamon

The Overlooked Benefits of Cinnamon

Many common household items used in cooking are actually turning out to be very beneficial for your health, the newest of them being the age old ingredient that your mother always includes in her recipes – cinnamon! As always, you’re probably amazed to see that this natural ingredient is something that most people have readily available, rather than some obscure type of chemical.

All around the world, people have used cinnamon for hundreds of years. The spice is obtained from the inner bark of all species of evergreen trees and it’s not only a very good spice for both sweet and savoury foods but also a natural source that is rich in antioxidants. As a result, it contains many chemicals that help reduce the speed of aging, regulate the flow of blood throughout the body and strengthen the immune system.

Cinnamon is packed many vitamins including vitamin A, B, C and K as well as a variety of other essential nutrients that are good for your body. It’s common for many people to include cinnamon in traditional dishes like rice pudding but it also goes great with tea, coffee, and even ice cream, oatmeal or any regular breakfast cereal. By increasing your intake of cinnamon and including one tablespoon of it in your diet, you can help increase your body’s immune system and prevent common annoyances like stomach discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, ulcers and cold symptoms. It’s been well documented that the spice can help you over time, however, it’s not going to be the type of thing you take to cure yourself of an ailment, more so a preventative measure and a part of a healthy well-balanced diet.

Give it a shot! Start adding cinnamon to your daily diet and enjoy the many natural health benefits of this all-natural spice.

Energy Drinks: Risks and Alternatives

Energy Drinks: Risks and Alternatives

There’s no need to buy traditional energy drinks at your supermarket or convenience store as these drinks tend to be very bad for you. The majority of drinks including Rockstar, Red Bull, Red Rain and NoS all have harmful chemicals and lots of sugar in them. If you really want a kick to jump start your day, we suggest going the alternative organic route and exercising daily.

One of the best ways you can dramatically increase your energy levels is to help stimulate a positive energy flow in your body. How do you do this? First, begin breathing deeply in and out and as your breaths get deeper, begin to slow your inhale and your exhale. Also, as you are doing this stretch your body out on the floor until all your muscles are relaxed and then sit up with a straight, comfortable posture and continue the breathing. This will give you an instant boost of energy after doing this for 5-10 minutes straight and there will be no crash like your run-of-the mill energy drink.

Another great way is to exercise daily, studies have shown that running, skipping or jumping just 10 minutes a day regularly can greatly improve your heart strength and blood circulation. Also, yoga and lifting weights on a regular basis can help tremendously in increasing your daily energy levels. Furthermore, you can try tai-chi to help give your body a positive energy movement and to learn more about your body’s natural energy flow.

Lastly, eating fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water (at least 8 cups per day) will help you gain increased energy throughout your day. Be sure to practice all these methods and you’ll feel faster, better and stronger everyday. And we forgot to mention the best side effect that occurs once the endorphins in your system rise due to exercise, deep breathing and proper diet… you’ll be happy and smiling everyday! Try it out and let us know your results.