African Mango: What You MUST Know About Irvingia Gabonensis

A new weight loss supplement that just came out on the market is called African Mango, and it’s being hailed as a miracle supplement that actually works. It was even featured by Dr. Oz, and it supposed to help you lose anywhere from 20-30 pounds in one month. But I’ve tried a lot of different supplements in the past, and I couldn’t lose anywhere close to that amount of weight. So naturally I was skeptical…

Before we dive in, let’s discuss what African Mango is.

What is African Mango?

African Mango, also known as wild mango or bush mango, is a fruit that grows on a tree native to Central and West Africa known as Irvingia gabonensis.

In Africa, the African Mango is eaten regularly and enjoyed by most natives. While the fruit itself is delicious and nutritious, the fruits’ seeds are the source of its powerful properties… but do these powerful properties actually work?

My Experience with African Mango

I decided the best way to test out the African Mango supplement would be to order it and use it for a month to see if it actually worked. I did some research and found that not all of the companies that sell this supplement are equal… The number one recommended place to get African Mango is from African Mango Gold (because they supposedly have the purest ingredients).

I ordered the supplement and received it in the mail only 5 days later. Right away I started taking two pills of African Mango per day… One in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Only five days later, and I immediately saw a difference in the way I felt and looked. I had soo much more energy than before, I was sleeping a lot better, and best of all I’d lost 6 pounds in ONE WEEK!

After one month of using African Mango Gold, I got on the scale and weighed myself. There had to be a mistake, I couldn’t believe it! I’d lost 29 pounds in ONE MONTH! This was incredible.

But the best part is that I actually felt better. I didn’t feel as hungry as I used to, and I had a general feeling of well being after taking these supplements.

I still purchase African Mango now just for the side benefits I received from taking it. I’ve seen a couple more pounds of weight loss, so amazingly continuing to take African Mango has stopped me from gaining the weight back. Now I recommend it to all my friends when they ask me what my secret is!

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